Monday, June 10, 2013

My Green Gables

The one nice part of summer is the flowers. [and the popsicles, but that's beside the point]. I love flowers. South-eastern Wyoming can be rather bleak --that is, if you like colors other than brownish yellow and sky-blue-- and flowers are short-lived splashes of colour. Bleak though it may be at times, it's still beautiful. 

... This is my Green Gables. This is home

The last of the lilacs

Soon, I'll be leaving this place. These feet of mine will tread a different bend in the road. But... I'll be back. I'll endeavor, by His blessed grace alone, to place my feet in His footprints, and follow wherever they lead. Has it been hard, growing up in this house? Oh my. Yes, at times. But has it also been wonderful? Jesus makes everything He touches wonderful. In fact, He only does wondrous things [Ps. 72:18], from the May lilacs to my current seventeen years of existence. He has only ever been faithful; I must believe He will continue to be so. I have decided to follow Jesus; no turning back. 

[all of these photos were taken this evening on my iPhone 4...hence the less than splendid quality. but, it serves the purpose]