Monday, January 6, 2014

Moving Onward

Hello Reader,

It's official. I'm leaving behind this dear blog. As I enter this new year, and this new season in my life, I find that it's time for "new starts" and "fresh adventures".

You can now find a record of the grace of our Jesus in my life, and (hopefully) a week-by-week update about my time at Ellerslie, at:

I would be honored if you would follow me over to my new blog.

Pressing on by and in Jesus,
Haley Anne

Adventures are funny things.
They may creep out of holes,
Appear down a seldom trodden path,
Fall out of a tree,
Or even arrive in an envelope,
But they always start the same way.
Adventure always starts with the unexpected…
(Wayne Thomas Batson)

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