My name is Haley.  

 This blog is the place where I'll write about my "pilgrimage", as John Bunyan so aptly titles it. My hope is that, as you read, you'll be encouraged to run with patience this race that is before us set. 

My blog is very honestly named --"The Strength of my Life"-- because He (that is, Jesus) is indeed my only strength. Rest assured that I am the most incapable, the weakest, and the least deserving of the Love displayed on that Cross. I believe that I am the greatest sinner I know. If He has not forsaken me (because He has promised!), He surely will not forsake you, dear brothers and sisters. He is no respecter of persons.

As you'll discover, I only like cold weather. So, grab a steaming mug of chai (my favorite!) and enjoy reading about my journey to the high places.


I am always available to pray, encourage, or answer any questions that you may have as the Lord gives grace. You can contact me at:       


Much love in Jesus,


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