Monday, April 18, 2011

Wings of the Wind

Hey All! So this is really just a rough composition... this is in the 'first draft' form, if you will. After all, I just threw it together in an hour's time this afternoon. Imput and suggestions are eagerly sought. Thanks for reading. :D

Wings of the wind hath He ridden,
foundations of the heavens hath He shaken,
to answer my cry.

Lightning, and hail, sendeth He for me,
and darkness on all dread enemies,
to answer my cry.

Wroth was He, against those enemies,
all too strong for me, but none for He.
He sent the blast of His breath to quench them,
to answer my cry.

Yet tremble do I still, for darker shadow than before,
approaches this which hath been a haven and safe hill.

Doubt rendereth weak my former faith, as cries to the darkness
my soul doth make.

And as shaking there I stand, He appears.
The One whose hand all creation fears. That hand offers He to me now,
gently saying,
"Didst thou fear I would forsake thee?

Wings of the wind have I ridden,
foundations of heavens have I shaken,
to answer thy cry.

Lightning, and hail sendeth I for thee,
and darkness on all thy dread enemies,
to answer thy cry.

Wroth was I against those enemies, all too strong for thee, but none for me.
Blast of my breath to quench them sent I,
to answer thy cry.

Thy candle do I light, to pierce the darkest night,
Darkness do I banish, the dawn to rise at my beckon,
to answer thy cry.

Sins I bore for thee,
and three nails on that tree,
to answer thy cry.

Scorn I bore for thee,
and rejection from The One heavenly,
to answer thy cry.

Didst thou fear I would forsake thee?"